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Brian Muar

"For anyone who is looking to: learn about and participate in Martial Arts, increase the knowledge and skills you may already have. or just get in shape to start, I cannot recommend any place higher than The Martial Arts Laboratory in McKinney, TX. The owner and teacher, Don Turnage, has a tremendous amount of real life experience in numerous aspects of this fun, challenging sport. One of many things that stood out to me when I was trying to choose a Studio/Lab was the individual attention Don gives to EACH of his students. He takes the time to talk, LISTEN, and cater a program that fits your objectives and goals. You WILL see results and Don will help you reach any goals you have set..."

Kevin Earls (from Google)-

"The Martial Arts Laboratory is a great school where the instructor has everything figured out and has a strong unending desire to make sure his students get a great beneficial and practical workout in a friendly family environment.
Don Turnage has been active in the arts for many years as a referee in small local BJJ tournaments up to the professional world wide level of MMA. He freely shares his great depth of refined, no-nonsense techniques from multiple arts to everyone that steps on the mat. Don teaches with great humility and a great sense of humor. He teaches techniques that are simple and effective and work in both sport (GI and noGI) and self defense scenarios. Plus, you can't do better than have an affiliation with the great Carlos Machado in the North Texas area. Come see for yourself."

Mike O. (from Google)-

"Best BJJ program in the area.  I have trained at 4 different schools and all were great but Don is a great instructor and truly makes everyone feel welcome.  Kids and adults alike will love training here and the pricing is perfect too."

Kimberly Fuller (from Google)-

"Our 8 year old son started Brazilian jiu jitsu with Professor Don about 2 months ago. He absolutely loves it. Don is super supportive and my son’s confidence is improving SO much! His focus has improved and he really pays attention and wants to do his best. I can’t believe how much he has learned already and his althletic endurance has also improved. We are so thankful we found Martial Arts Laboratory and would recommend it to anyone!"

Ashley Milligan (from Google)-

"Great learning environment from one of the best in the business. Great family environment and great spot for fighters wanting to add new tools to their game. Don Turnage is a fantastic teacher and mentor for all ages and knows how to make everyone from all experience levels feel at home."

Dancing with Danielle (from Google)-

"This place has felt like home to us since our very first class! Both of my children have learned SO much from Master Don! They look forward to every class and are ready for the next class before they even leave! It has taught them so much! Needless to say WE LOVE THE MARTIAL ARTS LAB!!"

Austin Ellis (from Google)-

"Nice smaller gym with cool and fun people. Owner is a real welcoming guy and I got in a open mat roll session with some old and new friends. Check this place out."

Candace New (from Google)-

"I’ve been at this gym for about a month, doing the fitness class. The owner is very helpful and encouraging and has changed my body! The people are great and it is a family atmosphere. Try it!"

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